About us

Our Mission

At Cloqqa, we aim to make time scheduling easier.

We believe it’s time to simplify the planning experience.

The annual plans are needed everywhere: Boards, managers and employees.

Join the movement towards better planning.

Our Values


We are all unique personalities. We believe that people are ultimately genuine and good.


Being straightforward and honest is our trademark. We aren’t afraid of hurt feelings if that is required for change.


We think that working should be pleasant. We have decided that if working on Cloqqa is lacks joy, we will quit.

A team with passion


Jukka Palokangas

COB & Founder

Jukka is involved in the public sector EMS (Emergency medical services) field commander of 30 employees. Jukka is the inventer of Cloqqa.


+358 (0) 40 159 4111


Tuukka Palokangas

Business Development & Founder

Tuukka has worked CEO of a prominent design agency. Tuukka is responsible for Cloqqa's product development and marketing.


+358 (0) 40 192 3933


Juho Haukkala

CEO & Founder

Juho is Cloqqas CEO and responsible for adaption of Cloqqa features to service the customers needs.


+358 (0) 50 578 0747


Johannes Haukkala

Designer & Partner

Johannes is responsible for the Cloqqa's user interface, brand and marketing.


+358 (0) 40 742 8818


Viljami Laurila

Head Developer & Partner

Viljami is our lead developer and code architect. Viljami has created several functional online tools.


Miika Sikala


Miika is genius. Miika solve complex user interface needs with solutions that are simple on the outside and complex on the inside.

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